Participating Vendor Info Page

Welcome to the Participating Vendor Info Page. This is where you can check in where I will post information on any changes that may affect you. It is password protected and I will be changing the password every month for security purposes.

Remember, you can always check the assigned vendor spaces here: VENDOR MAP and listed here:

TIME CHANGE: Time of operation is 5-10:30pm

Basics of Set Up Reminder:

1. Event starts at 5pm. Please be fully set up by 5pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Vendor coordinator will check in between 3-5pm.

3. Please print your copy of the map and bring with you. The map is in google maps format which has satellite view, it’s pretty accurate. You can also use your smart phone to open up the map with google maps. If you do not have access to google maps on your tablet, please borrow someone else’s computer or go to the library and pull it up and print. I cannot pdf the google map for you since it is in satellite view.

4. Parking is available at the metered parking that does not have no parking hoods or signs and it’s free on weekends. Otherwise, parking is in downtown parking garages. Here is link to the parking maps.

6. You may load up at your space but you will have to park your vehicle elsewhere. It is imperative that you are fully set up by 5pm and your vehicles parked elsewhere before the event starts at 5pm.

7. The event ends at 10:30pm, please clean up any debris upon break down in your space. Thank you. DO NOT LEAVE EARLY.

CONGRESS ST. VENDORS EAST OF SCOTT AVE: Your booth will be partially on the sidewalk to stay within the parking lines of your space so you are not in traffic. Therefore you will need to adjust the front legs to balance with the back ones of your tent. (NOTE: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO VENDORS WEST OF SCOTT, THOSE SPACES HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM) Please do a trial run assessment of your space before Saturday. If you choose to park in your space to quickly drop off your set up, please do so at your own risk, you could be ticketed for unloading. It has not happened in 3 years but with the new regulations because of the streetcar, I have no idea if they will be more vigilant this time. And we are not responsible for you getting a citation.

SCOTT AVE VENDORS: Please pay attention to your map assignment and note that the stage is now facing North as it did previous to the streetcar construction. You may park your vehicles in the lot behind the Chicago Store.

Thank you for participating. Look forward to seeing you!