FOR POTENTIAL VENDORS: Please fill out the appropriate application (mouse over the Vendors tab in the main menu). For questions, please contact Steven Kreamer at skpkreamer (at) gmail (dot) com. 2nd Saturdays has three types of vendors: 1) Food Vendor — This vendor prepares food “on-site” and adheres to all Health and Fire Department stipulations. 2) Product Vendor — This vendor has products for sale such as jewelry, arts and crafts, books, games and toys, pre-packaged foods, and so forth. 3) Commercial Vendors — A commercial vendor is an already established business at the local, regional or national level. Most have offices and/or store fronts.

You can download a map of available spaces for vendors HERE.

Please fill out the application that applies to you or your business:

Food      Product     Commercial

FOR CURRENT VENDORS: 2nd Saturdays Hours are 6 – 11pm. On the day of the event please come to 130 East Congress, The former Chicago Store Location on Congress and 6th Ave from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm; this is a MUST for all vendors.


We at 2nd Saturdays have some very basic rules and standards we all must adhere to.

1) Please be on time: The designated Check-In time runs for two hours, and the event starts one half hour after Check-In. Break-down starts one half hour before the designated end of the event. All sales must end before the end of the event.

2) Please maintain a Safe area for yourself and your patrons: Ensure that all of your electrical usage meets Safety standards. Secure and remove any obstructions that may impede the flow of pedestrian traffic.

3) Appearance of your set-up and person must be Clean, and reflect a positive 2nd Saturdays standard.

4) No firearms allowed in your booth.

5) No selling of drug paraphernalia.

6) Please be Polite: No arguing with patrons, other vendors or staff. This includes no foul language or raised voices, at any time.

7) 2nd Saturdays Vendor Coordinator has the final say of all vendor location and functions within the boundaries of 2nd Saturdays.

8) All vendors must adhere to all Fire Department, Pima County Health, and Licensing agencies, as well as all stipulations under the 2nd Saturdays “Civic Event License”.

9) Ejection from 2nd Saturdays may occur during the event as well as after the event, but must be followed up in writing with specific reasons no later than 21 days after the event.

10) All vendors are placed in spaces determined by their wares. No vendor can expect to have the exact same space at any other 2nd Saturdays event.

These rules and standards; reflect the spirit and heart of 2nd Saturdays and may not reflect every situation that arises. We reserve the right to create additional rules and standards when necessary.

If you have any Questions or Suggestions to enhance the 2nd Saturdays Downtown experience please email: Steven Kreamer, or Sandy Mellor, Director of Community Relations,

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