October 14, 2023

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Scott Ave Stage.


Glacier WAV

Hailing from the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, AZ, synthwave trio Glacier.WAV (pronounced: glacier-wave) features lush synthesized production from multi-instrumentalist and producer, Frank Anzaldua, dynamic performances from vocalist Jaime J. Soto, & propulsive bass and guitar from Dan Singleton. In 2021, Tucson Weekly listed Glacier.Wav’s debut album in its top best 10 local albums list. The band is currently working on new music while performing all over Arizona.



Our City's Finest

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Our City’s Finest is an independent hip hop collective. With Soze, Rae.L, Jay Bailey, and Cecilia as its members, they play a significant role in the local music scene, dedicated to reflecting the city’s unique culture and style through their music.”



shaun harris & LUGO

shaun harris & LUGO, a hip-hop MC/Producer duo based in Tucson, Arizona, follow the path of esteemed duos like GangStarr, Atmosphere, and Run the Jewels. Their music embodies their southwestern origins. This is achieved through a skillful sampling of records and the infusion of captivating rhythms from drum machines. shaun harris draws inspiration from Jungle/Drum n’ Bass MC and Spoken Word Poetry. At the same time, LUGO’s multi-instrumentalist background in Electro-Rock and Boom-Bap hip-hop, as part of the critically acclaimed group “Music Video?” influences their artistry. The fusion of their unique styles and diverse backgrounds creates an authentic blend of Hip-Hop, showcasing their mastery of the craft. Their latest masterpiece, “Album 2,” is a testament to their years of experience and unwavering dedication.

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