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May 14

Blanket Drive Benefits Salvation Army’s Hospitality House

After Program Director Jamie Manser, and her husband and 2nd Saturdays emcee Daniel Rylander, were locked out of their house on Friday night, they thought it would be a good idea to host a blanket drive during 2nd Saturdays on January 12.

Knowing that there are people in the community who do not have the luxury of a warm home during these cold climes, they decided the best place to donate the blankets would be the Salvation Army’s Hospitality House on 11th Ave.

The Salvation Army’s Hospitality House operates Operation Deep Freeze, which, according to their website, “opens its doors to anyone needing respite from the cold during the coldest nights of the year, when temperatures drop beneath 35 degrees or 40 degrees with precipitation. Beginning at 3pm, people needing shelter can enter The Hospitality House, receive toiletries, a shower and hot meal before being assigned emergency lodging. The Salvation Army’s Temple Corps location operates as the main overflow shelter.”

The Tucson community donated over 20 blankets and comforters, along with warm clothes that filled a large lawn trash bag, and were delivered by Manser and 2nd Saturdays Vendor Coordinator Victoria Falcone to the Salvation Army’s Hospitality House Sunday morning, January 13.

The Hospitality House is located at 1021 N. 11th Ave., online at http://www.thesalvationarmytucson.org/HospHouse.html and by phone at 622-5411.

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